My Tweet Experience

Posted: November 9, 2010 in my online course

At the beginning, I found it so complicated because I used to facebook interface. I confess, I took about three hours before I understood how it works. But now, I see that it is really another magnitude compared with other blogging.

What impressed me is the way how information is spread. It is relevant and fast, better than on an international media web. And I have noticed that most of subscribers are there for professional goal. Even if it is just four a days now since I had my Twitter account, I have got lots of information from many different countries. I know what happens all around the world in few times, without opening many different web sites. I especially enjoyed the tweetchat I had with my tutor and my colleagues. It drove me to discover another horizon, and proved to me that Twitter is different from Facebook.

It was a good idea to allow subscribers to search for contacts by their centre of interest. For my part, I follow other researchers and teachers in communication, journalism and translation. I also follow those who share news such as Cyberpresse and L’Express. And how nice to discuss with other persons who share your interest! I did not looking for a real-life friend on Twitter and do not know how it works but I like when you do not talk about you personal life in such blog. I remember the day I created my account on Facebook, two days after, I received some fifty friend suggests and I have noticed that many of them talked about nonsense! Of course, it is not that bad but sometimes, you need to discuss about important things. I have noticed that when I deal with serious subject, I have no comments from my friends.

Since I have used Twitter, I have felt to be in security. I mean, I can get all of the information I want and the subscriber I follow do not have to follow me back. That remind me one of my friend’s saying “I fell being naked by Facebook!” And I recognized that somewhere, he was not wrong!


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