My Multimedia Point of View

Posted: October 26, 2010 in my online course

How multimedia news packages have changed the way of telling stories? This one is about women’s life in India. In one word, it deals with violence and ill-treatment that Indian women endure. The site is accessible by the link Two aspects caught my attention. First, the way the video is subtitled. At the same time those who are interview speak, their words are transcribed at the bottom of the video. This will help people who have difficulty to understand the story, and sometimes, like in the beginning, the interviewees do not speak. Also, this later’ expressions are so impressive! Their sufferings and grief are reflected on their face. And the author has chosen the best images to illustrate his interview.

Apart from that, such interactive should be encouraged. It is one of the best tools to heighten public awareness of such issue. Actually, you can comment and give your opinion. What is interesting with this web site is that, they asked your name, your e-mail and your location when you send your comment. You can do that by clicking the button comment at the left of the video. Not only that but, if you want to make a donation, you go to the link, where you can also have information about the Media Storm’s missions.

Above the button “comment”, you have the “map”, what is specific with this map is the fact that you can see how the situation becomes worse and worse. Here, you can feel that information is precise and reliable; bloggers can show their compassion and can give help directly.

Another thing I like with this blog is that, men give evidence about the situation to show that it is not only a women’s problem. Either in the form or in the subject, the author proves his objectivity and his transparency.

Finally, I find that it is sensible that we can share this on social multimedia, in such a way that you can share it with your friend. I think that it is one of the means if you want to catch people attention.

On the contrary, the video is too long. I mean, bloggers do not have many time to spend in front of their computer. So that, when we give information in such media, we have to be brief. Otherwise, giving summary or other file that can be downloaded would help. Thus, people can download it and can listen when they have enough time.

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