Window on Online Journalism in Madagascar

Posted: October 21, 2010 in my online course

Online journalism has the vocation to improve and develop the journalism field. Conscious that all information given in the web site will be widespread beyond the world, journalists pay more attention to what they publish. As for the case of Madagascar, efforts asked to be developed. Journalists in Madagascar are used to produce sensational information due to commercial stakes. Apart from that, Malagasy people are conservative and jealous as far as their culture is concerned. Despite the fact that the country is opened to the globalization phenomenon, there still have practices and customs that can not be accepted by their way of thinking and perception, such as images of naked woman or mutilated body and other exhibitionist and provocative images. Of course there those who do no have problems with it but the majority of the citizens do not consume it.

Such seductive images do not illustrate the Malagasy value and culture. And also they underline the concept of sex-object which is an unacceptable in Malagasy way of thinking.

During the last year crisis during which there rifle fire; images of this slaughter were published in writing press, on television and on web sites. For the case of this later, images were well developed in such a way that bloggers could see them in details.

It is also observed that French language is more used than the native one in online journalism in my country. This implies that online journalism is only for those who can speak and/or understand French. Actually, around the 60% of the Malagasy people do not speak other languages apart from their native one. That is to say that they can not get information given on web sites.  Besides, Malagasy language is used in forums that are essentially based on the current political situation.

On the other hand, informations about the Diaspora members are also available, in French again.

What is noticed is the fact that there are lots of divertissements, and the current events go in the middle ground. It can be viewed in the home page:

Online journalism is a new field that needs improvement in Madagascar. Training and formation.


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